STOTT PILATES® Testimonial from Brooke Marais Pilates Client, Robert Piña

“Does it sound familiar to get up first thing in the morning, after a seemingly good night sleep, with a back ache? To me too. My answer ... Pilates! Core strength training in a controlled way which minimizes risk to my particularly troublesome lower back. In a fitness gym, you do bicep curls to strengthen what? Your biceps! In Pilates, you do bicep curls on the Pilates "reformer" in a way where most of your effort actually goes into stabilizing your core, and strengthening your biceps is really a secondary effect. Essentially all the Pilates exercises require most effort directed towards strengthening and stabilizing your core. Stronger core, more spinal support, less likelihood of back injury. After 6 months of Pilates, I now get out of bed in the morning and my back feels great. STOTT PILATES® with Brooke Marais at Bright Yoga Studio in Ramona ... highly recommended!"


‘Long Stretch’