Why Yoga & Pilates?

Translating as 'to yoke' or 'union', Yoga has been practiced for over 5,000 years, affirming it as a powerful system of exercise that harmoniously integrates body and mind. Scientific studies reveal Yoga's many health benefits, and it is no wonder that it has fast become part of fitness programs around the world. Contemporary Yoga practitioners range from executives managing daily stress, to Hollywood stars developing sleek, strong physiques. Even prominent athletes have added Yoga to their training regimes to strengthen and prevent injury in their muscles and spines.

Recognizing Yoga for its physical benefits alone would of course diminish the rest of what it has to offer. By practicing Yoga regularly, you may find that you also begin to cultivate more clarity and focus of mind. Typical classes teach one of the many types of Hatha Yoga, which includes postures (asanas) and breathwork (pranayama) to prepare for relaxation or meditation at the end of the practice.

Named after its progenitor, Joseph Pilates, Pilates exercises also use the energy of the breath; they not only complement your Yoga practice, but create longer, leaner muscles, core strength and spinal stability, enhance mind-body awareness, produce better posture, increased sports performance, and general well-being in daily life! A variety of equipment is traditionally used in STOTT PILATES® to physically train the body, which modernizes the work of the late Joseph Pilates so as to make the work biomechanically sound and safe.

You of course do not have to be a Hollywood star or famous sportsperson to be able to experience Yoga and Pilates' many benefits! Whether you simply want more energy, strength, and/or flexibility, both Yoga and Pilates may be adapted for your own needs and goals; when combined, they produce powerful results: lean and supple, less injury-prone muscles; a stable, stronger, more upright physical frame; a calmer, clearer, and more focused mind.



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